Tents, Sidewalls, and Doors

Tents, Sidewalls, and Doors

If the weather is hot and the sun is shining bright, or if it's a cloudy day filled with rain; our tents provide both shade and shelter and will keep you and your guests comfortable no matter what.

With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee that you will always receive the highest quality tents, along with outstanding customer service.

How to choose the right size of tent for your event

Tent Size Square Feet Seating Capacity
20x20 400 32
20x30 600 48
20x40 800 64
30x30 900 72
30x40 1200 96
30x60 1800 144
40x40 1600 128
40x60 2400 192
40x80 3200 256
40x100 4000 320

Additional Space Considerations

  • Theatre Seating (Chairs in rows): 6 sqft per person
  • Rectangular 8' Tables w/10 Guests each: 8 sqft per person
  • Round Tables w/8 Guests each: 13 sqft per person
  • Round Tables w/10 Guests each: 10 sqft per person
  • Cocktail Parties w/30% seated: 10 sqft per person
  • Dance Floors: 12 sqft per couple
  • Bar Area (per bar): 100 sqft
  • Buffet Area (per table): 100 sqft

Are you unsure of which tent would be best for your upcoming event? We can provide the guidance you need to select the perfect tent or canopy for your event.